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Why SPSU is the preferred choice for students in Rajasthan

Why Choose SPSU

With the turn of the century, we have not only seen changes in career opportunities but also in the choices available to students where academic courses are concerned. Even a decade back, students had their options limited to conventional fields of commerce, medicine, and engineering.

However, with the changing times and the ever growing demand of the corporate world, a carefully tailored course has become the need of the hour. The turn of the decade was accompanied by the introduction of new courses as well as new specializations in these courses.

With a number of universities coming up in India, students now have a wider range of options to choose from than ever before. There are universities which cater to various expectations of students. However, there are very few that actually meet the ever-changing demands of the 21st century.

Sir Padampat Singhania Universit, Udaipur is one such university in Rajasthan that has provided its students with the various skills that they require to make it in this highly competitive world. Founded through the vision of the late Sir Padampat Singhania, the university is benchmarked to international standards of education.

SPSU is one of the pioneering universities in Udaipur which offers engineering courses in emerging fields of Biotechnology as well as Cloud Computing. Through the school of management, it also offers courses in Business Administration as well as Library and Information Science.

These are just a couple of examples. Here are some more reasons for Sir Padampat Singhania University becoming the preferred choice of university in Rajasthan.

1. Collaborations:

SPSU has not only domestic but also foreign collaborations. Understanding the importance of exposure for young students, the University has teamed up with foreign universities as well as industrial giants to provide its students with the best ammunition to take on the world after they graduate.

  • Academic Collaborations:

SPSU has collaborated with four different universities across the globe to provide its students with multi-cultural exposure as well as to give them an idea about the requirements of the global workforce.

These collaborations have also made the course material of the university more integrated and in-line with the global requirements. By organizing various student and faculty exchange programs with the Chiba University of Commerce in Japan and the University of Nebraska in USA, the University provides students with a chance to experience foreign study culture.

Research opportunities are also open for the interested students due to the collaboration with Mendel University in Czech Republic. A chance to study and earn a Master’s degree at the Lincoln University in USA is also given to interested and deserving students by SPSU.

  • Industry Collaborations:

Keeping in line with its motto of learning by doing, Sir Padampat Singhania University has initiated collaborations with various well-established industries. These industries provide the students with the chance to gain practical experience of their theoretical knowledge.

In order to provide its students a peek into the corporate world of railways, SPSU provides the students studying the rail transport engineering course to undergo a paid internship at Hitachi Rail System Ltd. in Japan for eight weeks.

The University also has a Memorandum of Understanding with Reliance Jio Indocin Ltd. Under this MoU, Reliance Jio has established a ‘Center of Excellence’ at the campus. This is an exclusive centre in South Rajasthan which will benefit the students in a number of ways.

2. 95% placement track record:

In the current economic scenario, employability is something that nearly all students consider before applying to a college. The University attaches high importance to employability. Therefore, it has a training and placement cell in place which caters to the demands of industries and makes the students ready for corporate life.

By regularly organizing workshops, seminars, lectures and interactive sessions with experts from various industries, it provides assistance in placements to the graduating students. Various assessments are also conducted to help the students find out their strengths and weaknesses and help students develop employability skills.

By providing students with a chance to undertake summer internship programmes at various international industries, the University also opens doors for pre-placement offers. This also gives them the required exposure before stepping into the corporate world.

Some of the major recruiters are IBM, TCS, Indian Army and Navy, JK Cement, etc. Since the past two years, SPSU has a stellar 100% placement record.

3. Ranking among top universities by MHRD Government:

The University has received ratification from the government in providing quality education. The University was ranked among top universities by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development.

Sir Padampat Singhania University has also been ranked 95th in India. It is one of the youngest universities to achieve this ranking. SPSU has also been ranked 38th on the parameter of ‘Teaching Learning Resources ‘.

All these certifications are an added assurance of the quality of teaching as well as the knowledge that is imparted at this University. Keeping all these certifications in mind, you can be assured of the value of education received.

4. Student Centric University:

The campus of Sir Padampat Singhania University has spread around on 100 acres of land with distinctive white buildings topped with yellow. The University prides itself on having a clean and green campus. There are 50 different types of trees and shrubs that cover almost 1/4 of the campus. These not only beautify the campus but also help combat climate change.

The campus is monitored with C.C.T.V. cameras and has the security provided by one of the best security service agencies in India. For the safety of the students, an anti-ragging committee consisting of staff, parents as well as students have been formed to maintain a ragging free environment for all students.

To appease all students, two separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian mess are maintained. Both of these are equipped with high-quality appliances such as R.O. Water coolers, well-furnished kitchens as well as telephone connectivity.

There are also medical facilities for students. In cases of emergencies, a 24×7 ambulance service is available on campus.

In order to cater to the students, the campus is enabled with 24 hours working Wi-Fi. It also has a student activity area to give students a chance to organize various meets.

On the academic front, there are high-end classrooms and e-learning centres and for students of engineering, there are various workshops. This enables them to have a ‘hands-on’ learning experience.

There is also enough area for students to gain practical knowledge of various scientific theories. Lecture halls are also located on campus where teachers can address students and comfortable exchange of knowledge can take place.

The college also maintains a fully stocked, well-spaced library along with computers. This provides the students with a good place to conduct their research and study their notes.

The college has on-campus indoor and outdoor areas for sports and games. Here, students can show their prowess in various sports. There are also various student clubs for the same.

SPSU is a fully residential university. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with common rooms in both. These are equipped with all the necessary amenities like R.O. water supply, Internet and Telephone connectivity, standby power back up and security services. They also have Wardens and Assistant Wardens to help the students as and when the need arises. These hostels are truly a home away from home.

The University has designed its campus in a way to make sure that the all round development of the students can take place. This is clearly visible from the infrastructure and the maintenance of the entire campus.

5. CISCO centre of excellence:

CISCO Systems Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate. It is based out of California. It develops, manufactures and sells high-technology services and products.

SPSU is recognized as CISCO centre of excellence and Instructor Training Center for other colleges and universities. The University also has staff members who are CISCO Certified Instructor Trainer.

This Center of Excellence gives students a chance to access the skills and training which are required for them to build successful technological careers. Through the COE, CISCO Networking Academy has been running CCNA courses in SPSU since 2011.

These are some of the few reasons that make Sir Padampat Singhania University one of the leading universities in Rajasthan. Due to its high standards of education and a persistent thirst to provide its students with the best tools for their future, SPSU is a preferred choice of the university among students.

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