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Why academic collaborations are advantageous for students to gain global exposure during education?

With the turn of the century introducing India to globalization, the country is not where it was even a decade back. The introduction of smartphones which provide hand-held internet access has definitely made the world a smaller place. 

The effects of globalization can even be seen in the international academic collaborations forged by various universities in India. Though with the now ‘smaller world’ it has become easy to forge these connections, it has also become more necessary than ever.

International Collaboration and their Importance

International Collaborations are not only important for the universities but also for the students. These collaborations help them understand the culture of other countries. Cross-cultural education enriches the quality of education.

These associations also give a chance to interested students for research opportunities. It brings out cultural awareness which develops necessary life skills like tolerance. It also facilitates staff exchanges which help the members to enhance their knowledge-base and make it global.

Besides this, the interaction also helps in curriculum development. The courses are designed keeping varied parameters in mind. This makes the courses more comprehensive and enriched. These adhere to the international standards of learning.

How students benefit from these collaborations

Kevin Miller used the metaphor of a lone frog in a well to emphasize the importance of global alliances. The frog has a clear view of the sky, however, it is limited. Similarly sticking to just the course material the university may hinder the chance of students to achieve a global outlook and ‘limit their vision’.

There has been a steady increase in the number of students who wish to pursue their education abroad. These collaborations help students to fulfill their dreams and offer students a chance to travel internationally.

International collaborations help students by providing them with an opportunity to study, work and travel to countries abroad. This helps them develop a globalized perspective.

Due to these alliances universities can customize their courses to keep in line with the international standards. The course material becomes more integrated and comprehensive.  This also gives students access to an international education right at home. Similarly, they are also able to have an inspiring overall academic experience.

This curriculum helps students prepare themselves to be a part of the global workforce and prepares them for global citizenship. Likewise, students are also made aware of the various job options that are available to them in the global economy.

Students also get an opportunity for multicultural exposure through various programmes like student exchange programme and summer study programmes. This helps inculcate in them a diversity of ideas.

The cross-cultural exchanges help facilitate the exchange of intellectual ideas not only among the students but also among the faculty members. Students also get a chance to experience foreign study and student culture.

These activities help in the overall development of students. This is clearly visible in an empirical sense through the increased placement records of industries with international academic collaborations. 

Many universities have realized the importance of such collaborations and are actively making an effort to establish them. Sir Padampat Singhania University in Udaipur is one such university which has teamed up with foreign universities to provide its students with the global exposure they need.

The collaborations include:

1.Chiba University of Commerce, Japan

Sir Padampat Singhania University has collaboration with CUC, Japan. The collaboration is primarily based on student exchange and research collaboration. Under student exchange programmes the universities organize semester exchange and summer immersion programmes on a reciprocal basis. 

The summer immersion programme by CUC involves not only Indians but also students from across the globe. This provides the students with a multi-cultural view which widens their academic horizons and makes for a great learning experience.

2.Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic

SPSU has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mendel University to provide students with a rich international learning experience.  The collaboration focuses on semester-long exchange programmes.

The students are provided with valuable experience of international economic, cultural and social set-up. It gives students a broader perspective of global markets and makes them more independent and self-reliant.

3.University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA

SPSU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the College of Information Science and Technology, University of Nebraska, Omaha (UNO). Under this, 25 students are eligible to study at UNO per semester.

The students are provided with a unique chance to pursue their fourth-year degree in MS from the University of Nebraska. This essentially means that B.Tech students can get a degree in MS too after completing their fourth year at UNO. They will be given the degrees of B.Tech and MS from SPSU and UNO respectively.

4.Lincoln University, USA

This alliance is similar to the other alliances by SPSU to provide international exposure to students studying with the University. This alliance is for the students of engineering as well as management students.

The University provides them with a chance to pursue their MBA degree from Lincoln College in the USA. The MoU between the two universities aims to provide students with international education and practical training. The MBA, B.Tech and BBA students of SPSU are eligible for direct entry into the MBA programme of Lincoln University.

In conclusion, international collaborations have become an important aspect of quality education due to globalization and ever-changing demands of the international workforce. Therefore, it is very essential for you as a student to choose a university which equips you with the right tools to not just make it in the domestic workforce but also in the global workforce. 

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