Where is the world of Engineering actually heading to?

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Engineering in the current world has become that branch of study which has lost its essence while still being an essential one. One cannot imagine life without any technological advancement here on. But, the branch is being dominated by the world in terms of future prospects like anything.

All the technological advancement being made today is all because of the efforts and mind put together by the engineers of various departments. Every engineer puts in all his efforts, energy and knowledge along with the acquired skills to develop a new technology or reinvent the old ones to ease our lives even more and to minimize our efforts in terms of workforce and other resources.

So, the expertise in various Engineering streams that have been helping us all this while are as follows:

1.Mechanical Engineering:

Students from the Mechanical Engineering branch are more likely to benefit the world in significant areas like technological up-gradation in engines, generators, elevators, or even air conditioning. Mechanical Engineers facilitate our lives with manufactured technologies, from cars to airplanes to refrigerators. One cannot really imagine a life without such basic necessities and ease in their way of living.

2.Electronics & Communication Engineering:

Students from Electronics and Communication Engineering are mainly responsible for bringing a difference in the Electronics segment as the world is inclining more towards power and electricity for all. Well, not only the consumption is increasing, but the expectations are also taking a higher graph day by day. As the usage, consumption and expectations increase, the need for development and efficiency will also arise, which in turn would give immense opportunities to our Electronic and Communication Engineers

3.Computer Science & Engineering:

Students from Computer Science & Engineering are the current and the next generation superstars. These students will be majorly dealing with all the diverse activities ranging from operating systems & machine-level programming to frontiers of information technology & networking. Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Networking, Next Generation of Object-Oriented Programming, Cloud Technology and Internet of Things, E-commerce is touching every walk of our lives. The department has got the scope and future like no other.


Biotechnology is one of the most advanced disciplines of Biology. Modern molecular biological techniques are applied to living cells, systems and biological processes. The scope of biotechnology extends to various areas like pharmaceutical & healthcare, agriculture, forestry, sericulture, horticulture, industrial bio-product, food processing, environmental cleaning, forensic sciences, bioinformatics, etc. Many breakthroughs have been made by using biotechnological tools in all the areas mentioned above.


Engineering might be one of the underestimated branches of study today. Still, the day is too close when not only India, the whole world will realize the importance and necessity of Engineers and Engineering Institutes as well. So, brace yourselves, “The King of All Subject Categories” is going to occupy its seat in the game soon. Start preparing yourself and apply to a good institute to get into the game.

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