Top and demanding career options after 12th

Top and Demanding Career Options after 12th

With the technological revolution taking the world by storm, more job avenues are opening up for those interested in this field. With newer technologies coming up in the IT sector, there is a need for experienced manpower. Therefore, engineering is a sought-after course.

One of the upcoming domains in engineering is cloud computing. Cloud computing as a technology is well received mostly because it is flexible, efficient and comparatively hassle-free. This technology is not only used by business conglomerates but also by the average smartphone users.

The technology has varied uses ranging from providing data storage to powering large, immersive computer games.

The cloud computing industry in India is facing an evident boon. According to the statistics provided by Market Research Media, the worldwide market for cloud computing is expected to grow by 30% CAGR by the year 2020.

Currently, there are two courses that aspirants can choose from to pursue their studies in Cloud Computing. One is Bachelor of Computer Application in Cloud Computing and Information Security and the other is Bachelor of Technology in CSE with specialization in Cloud Computing and Information Technology.

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Let us have a detailed look at each of these courses:

Bachelor of Technology in Cloud Computing and Information Security

The course is designed to educate the students about internet-based cloud computing. It trains the students to make the services available at one click.

The course also enlightens students about the history of the cloud and its roots in a service-oriented architecture. It teaches them about the common cloud services and also the basic technologies involved in it.

Alongside the course of cloud computing, it is essential for students to have knowledge of Information Security. This is essential because in this world of fierce competition it has become imperative for an organization to protect their data.

Since Cloud Computing is an emerging field, a degree in it would prove beneficial for students who wish to explore this territory. The right education from a good college will give you a boost in this sector.

Cloud Computing Curriculum

Bachelor of Computer Application in Cloud Computing and Information Security

This is a unique course which provides comprehensive knowledge about practical aspects of the technology. The curriculum consists of server administration, application development on cloud, cloud management technologies, etc.

It also makes the students aware of the technical skills needed to secure information and creating awareness about the different shortcomings. A lot of attention is paid to concepts, tools and techniques.

Since information technology is also integrated with this course, the course also deals with the fundamentals of ethical hacking. It also educates the students about the corrective measures and protection against data theft.

Because of the growing reach of cloud computing, many firms are looking for recruits who can navigate their way around this technology. An institute that furnishes its students with the ability to use this technology efficiently should be your preferred choice.

This stream holds a lot of potential, especially for students who have an interest in this field. Keeping in mind the ingenious innovations, the graduates from these fields are becoming increasingly popular for an IT firm’s framework.

This emerging technology requires a proficient labour force to work its intricacies. There are multiple avenues for a graduate to work after completing their graduation in cloud computing. One can work as a Cloud Architect, Cloud Product Manager, Cloud Consultant or even the hybrid positions of DevOps.

The starting salary of a cloud computing graduate lies anywhere between 2-6 lakhs per annum. Some of the prominent recruiters are IBM, Dell, etc.

Positions related to the cloud:

  • Cloud Architect: In the emerging world of cloud, Cloud Architects are highly demanded. Cloud Architects are essentially IT experts who are responsible for the integration and supervision of cloud services in an organization’s computing systems.
  • Cloud Product Manager: Product Managers are responsible for understanding the demand for a particular product. They analyze the market and audience. It is also their responsibility to coordinate with various teams and handle the insecurities related to data theft.
  • Cloud Consultant: Cloud Consultants make use of cloud-based computer programmes to deliver products to the client. The Consultant’s main job is to coordinate with them and pay heed to their requests.
Cloud Jobs

Since these courses require competent training, one should choose an institute that caters to the different needs of these courses. Sir Padampat Singhania University is one such university that provides students with the competence that should be achieved from these study programmes.

Sir Padampat Singhania University is a preferred choice because of a number of reasons. It offers its students the exposure required for them to practise their classroom theories in practical life.

The course of B.Tech grants its students the basic knowledge of computer science with subjects such as C Programming, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, and Network Security. It helps the students understand the basics of visualization and cloud technology.

The University also provides knowledge about cyber forensics and cloud web services. This enables them to work on industry related projects.

Keeping in mind the fundamentals of a BCA course, SPSU provides additional specialized subjects along with the core course. It provides the students with an opportunity to understand the various infrastructure services of the cloud.

It allows its students to learn through various cloud deployment models. This helps them to come up with solutions for various unexpected real-time problems that can be encountered while working on the cloud.

An added perk of completing your Cloud Computing degree from SPSU is that the institute provides you with a chance to work on your live projects. In cooperation with Valeur HR, SPSU offers their talented students to work on their projects in HANA Cloud Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other Web Applications.

The chosen interns are given stipends and provided with a chance to be placed with the company in the final year.

Apart from this, SPSU also has academic collaborations with various institutes abroad. It conducts training and student exchange programmes. This allows students to receive global exposure.

SPSU is also furnished with state of the art classrooms, E-learning centres, well-stocked library and well-equipped computer labs. This provides the students with adequate resources to fulfil their education.

To top it all off, SPSU has a stellar 100% placement record for the past couple of years. Some of their prominent recruiters include IBM, Hewlett Packard (HP), Wipro, Cisco and others.

In conclusion, Cloud Computing has a bright future for those who decide to venture into this stream. It has a bright scope and steady expected growth rate. For those who wish to pursue this course, SPSU is a fitting choice. The Institute equips you with the right skills set to have a successful career by providing quality education.

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