Top 5 engineering trends to follow in 2020

Top 10 Engineering college in Udaipur
Top 10 Engineering college in Udaipur

Engineering is one of the most versatile degrees spanning multiple domains ranging from aerospace to automobiles to healthcare to business & many more. Engineers are considered the center of innovation and one of the most sought after professionals in the country. They provide technological solutions to the problems, issues, and ideas that affect every area of our lives and are responsible for technological advancements. Depending upon one’s interest, one can specialize in multiple engineering fields such as Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil & Aerospace, amongst others. 

With increasing competition in the engineering field, many engineering colleges have been established across the country. However, competition for premier colleges remains exceptionally high. A four-year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering can be quite rewarding if completed from the country’s marque colleges. To build a career in Engineering and Technology, one should have a combination of PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) at the 10+2 level. 

Engineering is one of the most popular career fields for students, heavily vouched for by parents and respected by society. The field is praised for its stability, leading many to perceive it as a relatively predictable field.

However, that is not the truth. While the traditional streams like computer science, mechanical, electronics, electrical, and chemical engineering remain ever-popular, multiple other specializations and careers are coming up in the domain. Engineering today is offering students the opportunity to revolutionize the way we live our lives every day with new and ground-breaking advances in technology.

Engineering involves applying scientific concepts to innovate, design, construct and operate structures, software, and processes to solve problems. If you are an innovative problem-solver but don’t want to pursue the same old specializations, don’t worry. There are plenty of new-age career options the field has on offer.

The most popular engineering trends to follow in 2020 for an exciting and rewarding career are as follows:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT):
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is altering the landscape of the technology and software engineering industry and for consumers. In fact, smart technology now intercepts so much of the world at work and at home.
  • Smart technology is slowly but surely finding its way into many businesses and private homes worldwide. 
  • 2020 is shaping up to be an excellent year for IoT, and its impact is predicted by some to increase company revenues by as much as $344 billion next year. The efficiency that IoT devices bring to an organization and are also expected to provide around $177 billion in cost savings.
  • IoT devices are already increasing the performance metrics of major US-based factories. The employees are covering the routine activities boosting their productivity by 40-60%.

2. Electric Vehicles (EVs):

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs) are another technology trend to keep an eye on in 2020. Their market share in the automotive sector is growing year on year, and 2020 should be significant.
  • Some new exciting models are expected to be introduced in the market in the coming year, with many other manufacturers investing hard into the technology sector. The next decade would definitely see a massive increase in the number of EVs on the road.
  • By 2030, it is expected that somewhere in the order of 125 million should be on the road. 
  • Ever better batteries, the continued rollout of charging tech, autonomous driving, solar-powered EVs, electric planes, and better software are all things to look out for in 2020. 

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

  • Artificial Intelligence has already received a lot of attention in recent years, but it continues to be a trend to follow as it directly impacts on how we live and work. AI refers to computer systems built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as recognizing images, speech, or patterns, and decision making. AI can do these tasks faster and more accurately as compared to humans.
  • With Machine Learning, computers are programmed to do something extraordinary. Machine Learning is rapidly being deployed in all industries, creating a massive demand for skilled and qualified professionals. The market is expected to grow to $8.81 billion by 2022.

4. Robotics:

  • Robotics are increasingly being used in the technology and engineering sector (among countless others), with the market expected to grow by 175% over the next decade.
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is another engineering trend to watch. While automation is a well-established concept (since its implementation can improve efficiency, overall quality, and net profit), RPA is taking the sector to new heights. Robots will continue to become an increasingly common part of the workspace in the future, and 2020 will not be an exception. 
  • The RPA market would continue to attain rapid growth in 2020 as more enterprises come to understand the power of process automation and the number of legacy processes for which RPA is an adequate answer.

5. Cybersecurity:

  • Cybersecurity is another area to look out for in 2020. From personal to corporate online data security, the ever-present threat of cybersecurity threats should fuel this neverending online arms race. 
  • Cybersecurity might not seem like an emerging trend, as it has been there for a while, but it is evolving just as other technologies are. That’s in part because the threats in the technology sector are frequently new. The evil hackers who are trying to illegally access data are not going to give up any time soon, and they will continue to find ways to get through even the most challenging security measures. As long as we have hackers, we will have cybersecurity as an emerging technology because it will continuously evolve to defend against those hackers.

Although technologies are emerging and evolving rapidly, these five technologies offer promising career potential now and for the foreseeable future. Almost all of them are facing a shortage of skilled workers, which means the time is right for you to choose one, get trained, and get on board at the early stages of the technology being developed, positioning you for great success in the coming years. 

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