The Essence Of Students’ Placement Cell

top Engineering college in india
top Engineering college in india

Out of all the departments and branches working out together in a University, the essential and the center point of all the departments turns out to be the ‘Training and Placement Cell’. The Training and Placement Cell is considered to be one of the most essential parts of a University as well as the students. The goodwill of a University is somehow directly related to the placements in terms of numbers as well as the highest package. So, it becomes very important for a University to manage this cell very efficiently and smartly.

The Training and Placement Cell is completely responsible for the various activities involved in skill development of the students, workshops and training sessions, live sessions from the experts, Industrial Interactions etc. The Summer and winter paid internships play a crucial role here. Internships can sometimes lead to PPO- Permanent Placement Offer to the students doing well in their internships. So, it becomes very necessary for the University to place their students in good companies during internships as well.

The Training and Placement Cell is a crucial one because the future and career of students is associated with it. The Cell not only assists in the placement of the students but also in the overall development of the students through various activities and skill enhancement programs throughout the session.

The major areas where the Placement Cell plays a significant role are as follows:

Skill Enhancement Programs-

The Training and Placement Cell helps in the complete skill enhancement of the students through various activities, events, workshops, live sessions, training modules, seminars, case discussions etc. All these activities help the students with a glimpse of the practical world and helps them become more competent and professional for the corporate life.

Kick starts the career-

When students apply for job profiles individually, they might not get the same opportunities and exposure they get while they get placed through Universities. Universities have a huge impact as they are stronger in terms of goodwill as well as Industrial Connections. Also, major companies of the country are now opting for campus recruitments as their best source of hiring candidates. Taking into consideration all these points, it is clear that Students’ Placement Cell helps in kick starting the career of the students.

Summer & Winter Internships-

As stated above, Summer and Winter internships play a significant role in shaping a child’s future. The final placements also somehow depend on the internships as students can opt for placements in similar fields or departments. Sometimes, students may also get PPO- Permanent Placement Offer from the companies while their internships by performing excellently there. So, the companies for the internships must also be selected very carefully as it is the first step towards the corporate lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the staircase to a student’s career is the University he is studying at. So, it must be well equipped and well prepared to provide all the required facilities for the better future. Sir Padampat Singhania University which is the best engineering university in Udaipur,Rajasthan excels in this category. SPSU makes its students Industry Ready and Competent through efficiently handling all the requirements for the same. The 100% placement record of the University is the verified proof for this one. SPSU has  even placed their students abroad with Multinationals. Training and Placement Cell along with the strong Industrial and Academic Collaborations of the University is solely responsible for such achievements and recognition’s throughout.

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