Sustainability in Construction and Civil Engineers


Sustainability is broadly defined as the aspiration of utilizing natural resources in a way that it should meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own. Construction industry in India, is one of the important sectors which provides employment to millions of people and involves set of activities which requires utilization of construction/building materials. Sustainability in construction can be applied in many ways out of them few most common ways are by preventing and reusing waste generated during construction work operations, by optimizing utilization of construction materials, and by minimizing environment pollution and emission of greenhouse gases along with other pollutants.

Enormous amount of construction materials is required in construction of infrastructure projects which often leads to wastage of materials due to inefficient operations and faulty workmanship. The contractor who is executing the construction work should use modern tools and machinery to minimize waste generation and try to re-use the generated waste. On the other hand, optimal utilization of building materials may be an effective way of minimizing waste and saving the resources for future generation.

Construction work also involves utilization of machineries which pollutes environment by emitting harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases. Initiatives must be taken to use environment friendly fuel or fuel which produces minimum pollution. This will enable healthy working environment and prevent environment pollution. The increasing zeal to adopt stricter and environment friendly measures of construction has made easy to apply sustainability in construction.

Civil Engineers are responsible for construction of infrastructure for a nation. They can play a crucial role in sustainable development by planning and building projects that preserve natural resources, are cost-efficient and support human and natural environments.


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