SPSU’s Academic Excellence A Driving Force for Education and Learning

Driving Force for Education and Learning

As people have been pushed to the margins of society, it has become more difficult to climb the economic ladder. Providing opportunity in the form of skills development will encourage economic mobility, strengthen families, creating good jobs in India, bolster our democracy, and replace the deep fear felt across the nation with hope. It’s our collective responsibility to help close the technology skills gap and empower our students and professionals to become the creators and problem-solvers we need to fuel the Indian economy in today’s technology-driven world.

SPSU believes that education should be both broad and useful, enabling students to participate in “the humane culture of the community” and to discover and apply knowledge for the benefit of society. Our emphasis on “learning by doing”, and on the value of useful knowledge, is at the heart of the University’s educational mission.

By 2020, demand for skilled technologists will exceed the number of qualified applicants by 1 million! Keeping this in mind, we must also provide training resources that move at the ever-increasing speed of technology to those in higher education and the workplace.

Thus the curriculum at SPSU is rich and balanced. Academic excellence, high aspirations, and creativity are some of the driving forces behind the structure of the curriculum.

Our mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, management and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. SPSU is committed to generating and preserving knowledge, and to working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges. We are dedicated to providing students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community.

SPSU’s syllabus covers traditional academic subjects but also meets the needs of the modern world. And never should there be a tension between the two. SPSU focuses on not only developing independence and an entrepreneurial attitude in all of our students, but it also offers students.

Several scholarships depending upon merit which is up to 100% tuition fee waiver. (SPSU has given over 5 crores in scholarship)

Industry relevant curriculum with a substantial ‘Beyond The Syllabus’ work including interdisciplinary projects that engage students in using creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving methods.

A large network of communication through foreign collaborations with universities in Japan, Czech Republic, Austria, Israel, and the USA, with  study abroad durations ranging from two weeks to a full semester

SPSU aspires to develop in each member of the college, the ability, and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind.

At SPSU, teachers, and professors are constantly encouraging students to engage with complex, academic ideas from day one of their college. SPSU’s ethos revolves around transparency, student initiatives, and complete faculty involvement. The university follows a systematic process for curriculum design and development with the involvement of all stakeholders. Alongside this, SPSU has devised a unique ‘Beyond The Syllabus’ concept. The centerpiece of this concept is Project Endeavour for which group of students across disciplines form teams and work on interdisciplinary projects. Curricular incentives are given to students for improved performance and the best projects are incubated at the MSME sponsored Incubation Centre. This is a holistic way of educating a mind. SPSU’s graduating students are often hired by reputed organizations, both domestic and abroad, and the university has managed to maintain a placement track record of over 95% of graduating students.

One of the other priorities is that students finish their time at SPSU with an excellent academic background, a good knowledge of the wider world around them and the entrepreneurial skills needed to make a difference to this world.

SPSU enables a clear sense of purpose that empowers staff to engage with students, colleagues, and community toward a clear purpose and common vision. The three teaching points for students are:

  1. Relationships: SPSU explicitly values, nurtures, and develops relationships as an integral part of their successful learning environment

  1. Student Opportunities: Our colleges have a plethora of academic and personal skill development opportunities for students
  1. Professional Culture: At SPSU, teachers, administration, and staff work consistently, collaborating toward goals with a clear focus on continuous improvement, often finding unexpected solutions to complex problems

Education is all about creating an environment of academic freedom, where bright minds meet, discover and learn. One would experience top of the world living and learning experience at SPSU University.


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