Significance of applying for a BBA degree during the COVID Era

top engineering college in rajasthan
top engineering college in rajasthan

Like many other countries of the world, India is facing the formidable challenge of saving lives and containing the economic damage in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown of the country for over a month.

The current crisis could be turned into a window of opportunities to revamp and rebuild the existing archaic structures that may not be conducive to young India’s 21st Century aspirations.

For 2020-21, International Monetary Fund projects sizable reshaped recoveries, close to nine percentage points for the global GDP. India is expected to post a sharp turnaround and resume its pre-Covid, pre-slowdown trajectory by growing at 7.4% in 2020-21, says the official data. As the country takes steps to rebuild its economy, young graduates would do well to upskill and upgrade their qualifications with a professional degree such as BBA. 

A graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is generally worth it for exploring career opportunities in the business management and administration sector. Business administration courses are also fanciful to pursue as they offer plenty of career opportunities and give access to high-paying jobs in the industry.

Business administration courses provide the students with professional skills that they might need in the early stage of career. BBA graduates develop analytical skills and strategic thinking ability during their academic learnings by studying business theories and learning best business practices. It also offers proficiency in managing small to large organizations and facilitates professional communication skills.

Being one of the most sought after management courses in India, let us explore some of the significant reasons to opt for a BBA degree during the COVID era.

  • Wide Range of Job Opportunities :

The business world is expected to grow rapidly after the pandemic ends, and the situation gets back to normal. It would be demanding qualified professionals with excellent communication skills and leadership traits. Business administration is the only sector where the job opportunities are not limited. A BBA degree can fetch students better high-paying jobs than any other degree. It will open plenty of opportunities for graduates as soon as they complete their degrees.

It is often noticed that big brands prefer to hire graduates who have minimal yet professional degrees in modern times. These BBA graduates can be employed for minimal salary (compared with experienced candidates with higher degrees) and trained to their requirements.

  • Entrepreneurship

Apart from several job opportunities, the BBA degree would offer many qualities to start their own business and grow as entrepreneurs. Students can even practice while learning. They can apply the theoretical concepts, business skills in their existing business and find better ways to grow their business in all possible means.

Also, startups are the rising trends in the 21st century, and entrepreneurs are rocking and excelling in the world’s top businesses. If students have any such career goals, then BBA is the right start to achieve their career goals. The demand for graduates with a business degree is extremely high across the globe. The BBA program enables students to develop the analytical skills needed to adapt to evolving technological and organizational environments. 

  • Personal Development

A BBA degree is not just about education; students also learn about personality development. The degree teaches students many skills like being a strong, confident person capable of handling teams and running a whole company. Students are trained to be a team leader and a good team player as well. Students are also taught to be good public speakers as they have to give many presentations during the BBA program.

By the end of last semester, students get transformed into a more developed and wholesome person. Also, a BBA degree comprises a vast array of subjects that will help students turn into a knowledgeable professional and give many options for pursuing a career. The different disciplines covered in a BBA degree are marketing, accounting, human resources management, strategic management, human resources management, and organizational behavior.

  • Networking

Since BBA is a professional degree, and most students who graduate start working in the professional world, they will have a great network of people working in different companies. Professional Networking can open many doors for students regarding better jobs and more networking opportunities.

This degree also offers jobs in high profile managerial and administrative professions where the salary and benefits are the best. They usually get promotions much quicker and can excel in their careers. Students often pursue an MBA degree after a few years of experience that adds credibility to their careers, and the pay package is very high for such students.

  • Stepping Stone for MBA

During the COVID era, students might have faced issues during various examinations and also faced complicated situations. But, as the situation gets normalized and the education gets back on track, students would start studying and preparing for a better future. The BBA degree is excellent preparation for an MBA.

Students are mostly taught the same concepts, but usually, delve much deeper into the subject in an MBA through practical exposure. This way, students know and understand the fundamentals in a better way and are prepared well for the future. The MBA is also where students need to choose a specialization, so with a BBA degree, a career path is much clearer to students.

The mentioned points clearly state how a BBA degree is significant and essential for the youth to excel in their careers even during the COVID era. A BBA degree would fetch multiple advantages over any other graduate courses. As the fresh batches would conclude in the academic year 2022-2023, this is the perfect time to make a career in management. Students can apply for a BBA degree with Sir Padampat Singhania University in Udaipur, established by JK Cement Ltd. through the internal entrance exam conducted by the University itself.

SPSU is one of the top Management Colleges of Rajasthan offering a BBA degree with great practical exposure to the students ensuring excellent education, in house resources and amenities along with great infrastructure and opportunities of paid internships and final placements in India and abroad through the academic and industrial collaborations of the University.

Also, SPSU offers an opportunity for facilitating startups through SPSU Business Incubator. It provides a platform to provide early-stage funding, environment, and infrastructural support to the young managers with innovative ideas and growth prospects. Students at SPSU experience vibrant college life with great career exposure and an excellent learning environment making it one of the top ten private universities of Rajasthan.

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