Mental well being for Students.


For young adults, the Covid-19 pandemic and its social consequences have impacted their mental well-being the most. Inability to cope with academics and concerns about the future was an added challenge. Nearly 26 per cent of students said that they found being able to keep up academically to be the most challenging during the pandemic.

Results from the  by a Indian University (BMU) survey, 49 per cent of students said that stress, anxiety and loneliness have been the most challenging to cope with during Covid-19 that has impacted their mental health. 51 per cent of students expect their colleges to provide relevant courses that are functional in the new normal while 32 per cent of students expect their college to facilitate industry placements. Social isolation has been another major issue for a majority of students, 37 per cent of respondents said that they have missed their friends acutely, followed by the buzz of social events (25 per cent) and hands-on training on campus.

The government/policymakers should consider this a priority and develop policies that would help our children tackle such situations. Our children are the future of our nation, and we cannot just let them face this mental health issue. This pandemic has made people feel very lonely, especially our elders, and we need to work on the geriatric care policy for our elderly. Considering the situation around, and that the Covid-19 and it’s after effects are here to linger for quite some time, it is important that the government considers to have a dedicated Public Health Minister.

By: Shubham Goswami, PhD

School of Management, SPSU

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