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Look for the Missing Gold!


When I am happy, I see happiness everywhere. When I am benevolent, I see the benevolence in other people. When I am full of energy, enthusiasm, and hope, I see opportunities all around me.

On the flip side, when I am annoyed, I see other people as unnecessarily impatient. When I am discouraged, I notice that people’s eyes look blue. When I am exhausted, I see the world as boring and unpleasant.

Who I am, and what I see? Just think for a short while.

If I drive into a chaotic grumble, ‘What a crowded, smog-galloped mess this place is.’ I am certainly articulating what a crowded, smog-ridden mess I am at that moment.

If I had been feeling motivated that day, and full of optimism and happiness, I could just as easily have said, while driving, what a thriving, energetic metropolis this is. Again, I would have been depicting my inner environment.

Our self-motivation suffers mostly from how we choose to see the circumstances in our lives. That is because we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are. The world is not what you see it, the world is what you are. It makes great sense to wise.

In every circumstance, we can look for the gold, or look for the muck. And what we look for, we find it sooner or later. The best starting point for self-motivation is, what we choose to look for in what we see around us. Do we see optimism/opportunity everywhere?

It is always our choice. Which world do we want to see today?

Opportunity is life’s gold. It is all you need to be happy. It is the prolific field in which you grow as a person. And opportunities are like a simple phenomenon that comes into existence only when they are seen by an observer. Your opportunities will multiply when you choose to see them.

What do you think about it?

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Dr. Manish Dadhich    

Assistant Professor

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

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