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Today teaching is also treated as a corporate Job and teaching as a profession requires more attention and more improvement rather than stereotype fixed job in the industry. We have to develop ourselves as we never know about the questions raised by our students. Our perfectness or accepting the level of lack of awareness about the new emerging field of knowledge makes us more challenging and more efficient rather than in corporate job. Further, it is our responsibility to understand the need of the corporate and develop the students ready for the industry, thus everyone agrees that our profession is more demanding and challenging.

Working as an Assistant Professor, School of Management at Sir Padampat Singhania University (SPSU), Udaipur Rajasthan updated me as a professional teacher.  Educator like me, who always ready to update the knowledge in the subject area is needed for providing the updated knowledge to their students. In addition, a teacher must teach knowledge according to the level and requirement of the industry ​and then only a teacher may have a good understanding of the level of the students.

We have witnessed the change in the Teaching methodology in the last 10 years. The teaching methodology have changed and improved in the recent past. During the last 10 years we have seen the OHP projectors and OHP sheets as added technology and that has also become obsolete with the new and incoming Projector based teaching. Now the smart classes have made smart learning experience. The student’s reliance from the old books help extended towards the online resources. I am fortunate too, that with the vision of wisdom, our SPS University has provided us all the available resources and it is well used for making our students understand about the difficult concepts in easy way.

The students have to learn a few things from the indefinite knowledge available in the form of step-by-step learning method under the current education system. The knowledge given to them will be helpful for them to excel their carrier in the industrial world. I always give my students the live example of the concepts and their used in the industry so that they can relate it with the real-world situation and do well in their career.

(Dr. Vineet Chouhan)

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