Happiness lies within

Happiness Lies Within
Happiness Lies Within

Happiness lies within

Faces are different. Colors are distinct. Caste, creed, capacities, and conceptual thoughts also varies from person to person. But one thing is very common in all the humans that is a quest for eternal undying happiness. Now the question arises where is eternal happiness? Where should we search- inside or outside, in the self or in the external objects?

Surely, one cannot experience this eternal bliss in perishable material objects that are conditional with time, space, and causation. Ignorant searches for ecstasy in the external universe but it seems like searching for water in mirage and the one even after cracking hard nuts cannot attain so.

Pleasure centers of a man keeps changing right from the mother’s lap to toys, books, wife, money, son and at last only few people are able to find that the center of utmost happiness lies in their inner self only. 

Happiness Lies Within

For instance, when you meet by chance your old, intimate friend after a long separation of thirty years, you derive immense pleasure within. The mind gets standstill for the time being. You get pleasure from the unforgettable memories that you had experienced in the past. 

Likewise, when you eat something delicious, you feel the pleasure due to some positive receptor of mind but not exactly from the object, the food. You feel happiness within your own self.

Further, when an artist makes something awesome and beautiful which he could not expect earlier, a musician composes harmony, a dancer reaches up to his utmost performance, a scientist at his last proved formula, tastes happiness within. That moment could be an essence of life and gives a great sense of satisfaction and happiness which cannot be expressed in words.Remember, our greatest happiness does not depend on money or material objects or the state of life in which destiny has placed us but it is always the result of good conscience.

In the words of William James “We don’t laugh because we’re happy- we’re happy because we laugh” fits perfectly to this context. Enquire, cogitate and investigate that enjoyment cannot bring satisfaction of desires. On the flip side, it aggravates and intensifies desires and makes the mind more restless through sense yearning just like adding fuel to fire.

Therefore, the fewer the desires, the greater the bliss.How to get this happiness of the self? The answer is that the practice of good deeds will prepare the mind for the reception of the divine light. Remember, the world is not what you see it; the world is what you are. Divine begets divine only, rejoicing in the self within by fine actions. Be content in the self within. Be satisfied with the self within. The self is un-decaying, un-abating, un-diminishing, and everlasting that is very close to you. Then, you will be able to get supreme satisfaction alone and the restless mind will get an everlasting rest. 


Dr. Manish Dadhich
Assistant Professor
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

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