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Find your Inner Genius


Every human being is capable of some level of genius. You do not have to be strong at physics or mathematics to think at the genius level. To experience Einstein’s creative level of thinking, all you must do is habitually use your imagination.

This is a tough recommendation for adults to adopt because adults have become accustomed to using their imaginations for only one purpose i.e., worrying. Adults spend their days imagining the worst-case scenario. All their visualization energy is channeled into vivid images of what they fear. The human imagination was designed for bigger and greater things. People who use their imaginations to build with often achieve things that worriers never dream of achieving, even if the worriers possess much greater IQ level.

People who habitually access their imaginations are often hailed by their colleagues as ‘geniuses’ as if genius was a natural characteristic. They would be better known as people who are practiced at accessing their genius.

As a child, you intuitively used your imagination as it was planned. You daydreamed and made stuff up. You were a daydream follower by day and in your right brain at night you sailed down a stream of dreams.

If you return to the state of self-assurance and dreaming, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many imaginative and immediate solutions to your problems you will come up with.

You had to master the ability of imagination, and once you did, the first challenge was to start imagining who you wanted to be.

Fred Knipe, a songwriter, once wrote a song about it. It was created for the soundtrack of a video for adolescents about how to imagine themselves thriving in anything they desired.

To make our dreams come true, we must first cultivate the courage to dream.

Dreaming proactively is certainly difficult task. It is the conceptualization stage of constructing the future. It requires both faith and bravery. But the most important aspect of successful dreaming is not the achievement of the aim itself; rather, it is what it does to the dreamer.

For the time being, disregard the literal fulfillment of your dream. Concentrate on simply going for it. You make yourself a reality by pursuing your dreams.

Dr. Manish Dadhich    

Assistant Professor

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