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Sir Padampat Singhania University (SPSU) established in the year 2007, has both UGC approval and NAAC accreditation. With a well defined and updated curriculum, SPSU offers industry ready courses, where firstly the need of industry is identified and then the industry ready courses are launched with the industrial support including a complete semester dedicated for industrial training, making students aware about the industry needs. SPSU is working hard to make the students skillful and industry ready.

SPSU has various specializations and professional courses developed and added to the curriculum for the benefit of the students. The students of School of Management have an opportunity to learn the indefinite knowledge available in step by step learning method under the current education system with the industrial support and guidance of the industry experts, guest lectures from the renowned experts of industry and other professionals. A flagship program, HR conclave and Shri Yadupati Singhania HR excellence Award is one of the major programs that showcases the university to the industrialists and builds the relationship between students and industry.

The knowledge given to the students will be helpful for them to excel in their career in the industrial world. The live examples of the concepts and their applications in the industry to relate it with the real world situation helps the students to prepare themselves for a bright career.

As we are witnessing the change in every sector of the economy, SPSU has also improved its methodology, from old traditional methods to upgraded technology with new smart classes and Projector based teaching, enhancing the learning modules. As in the modern world, student’s reliance on the old books has shifted to the online resources; with the vision of wisdom, SPSU provides adequate online resources and it is used efficiently for making the students understand the difficult concepts in an easy way.

At SPSU the faculties have also adopted technology to make teaching more effective and for them it is a matter of accepting the change. Thus, learning through conferences, workshops, online courses and from the experts of that domain with the online tools like NPTEL, Swayam and other webinars, lecture series prepares them for the future in a better way. The Students of the university perceive, understand and value the differences between the learning goals for themselves. Further, the students accept, understand and learn with the help of new modes that are beneficial for them.

Thus, I believe being a student, it is a very good opportunity to be a part of the SPSU family and to learn, grow while being a part of wisdom and shine. 

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