Engineers in the 21st century- A blessing in disguise

Technology is the wonder we all have ever dreamt of! It is a bundle of magics and inventions wrapped up as gifts for all of us. Earlier in the decade, humans were exposed to technology but of course, not at this extent. Technology and inventions were still there but to a limited extent. Unlike now, Technology and its advancement is at its peak. We hear about advancement and upgradation almost everyday. 

We have made technology so convenient and accessible that we are able to experience its wonders everywhere in every little context. It is indeed a matter of sheer happiness and pride that we have been making all our imaginary dreams come true. The best examples are automated cars, robots, flying objects like drones, Artificial Intelligence and what not. 

All these wonders and imaginations are the blessings by our beloved engineers. They are the people who have been making every advancement possible. Engineers have eased our lifestyles in numerous ways, one cannot ever take a count of. 

Let’s pick the most significant qualities of engineers and recognize their achievements.

Problem Solving Skills- This is perhaps the most admired and appreciated quality of the engineers. They are well known for their problem solving skills. They analyse and understand even the most minute problems and solve them with the same efficiency as required to solve the biggest one. This is the reason their problem solving skills are highly praised by the world. 

Knowledge- The knowledge and skill set of engineers is altogether different from the rest of the world. They are very knowledgeable and possess high attributes and skills which leads to continuous updates in the technology in the dynamic world. We see many modifications, updates etc. from time to time which is done by the engineers through their knowledge and hardwork. 

Practical- One cannot beat the engineers when it comes to practical knowledge and approach. Engineers are well equipped with the practical knowledge and approaches to every problem and every new invention. Engineers have an ability to look on to every other thing with their practical approach. So, it is well said that, practical lifestyle like an engineer is rarely found. 

Curious- Similar to being practical, one cannot beat engineers in their curiosity. Engineers are way too curious and this is what makes them even more efficient in their work. The curiosity to know how a particular gadget works or how to resolve a complex mechanism is all the result of their curious minds. They have really sharp minds and curiosity is in their veins. 

Interpersonal Skills- The engineers are well known for their interpersonal skills. Whether it comes to meeting clients or meeting professionals; engineers are always prepared. They carry immense knowledge, skills, tactics with themselves to beat every situation. They can bring down any situation under control with their efforts and high professional skills. So, the best part about their interpersonal skills is that they don’t need to prepare for it during the requirements, it is inbuilt in them. 

Well, we have highlighted the top qualities of engineers in brief. It needs a good university to polish and nourish the traits of young engineers. Learning is an essential part of an engineer’s life. Sir Padampat Singhania University in Udaipur being one of the top 10 Engineering Universities of Rajasthan provides quality education and required industrial exposure to the students of various engineering courses available at SPSU. Along with the concept learning, the well designed approach to train the students through practical approach and systems is available at SPSU. 

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