Electronics and Communication Engineering: The evolving engineering stream


The 21st-century world runs entirely on electronics and communication. The variations in technology, rapid innovations, and ease of living have gigantic contributions from electronics and communication engineering. Subsequently, there is a huge demand for skilled engineers in this stream.

Highly used consumer goods like cell phones, tablets, laptops, tech-savvy watches, and LED Smart TVs are getting mainstream. Earlier, these things were considered essential items in the developed countries, but now, they are getting very common in developing and underdeveloped nations too. In this way, the demand for such items will again push the work of engineers, as more advancement in these items will be required in the coming years.

The electronics and communication engineering field is set to grow by 7% in the coming decade. This is just the growth rate in India. There will be an enormous demand for electronics and communication engineers everywhere globally, as it comprises a sizable part of engineering. Electronics is the foundation of advanced innovation. Consequently, if the engineering aspirants have decided to make a profession in this stream, they will be at a greater probability of achievement and career development faster than other engineering streams.

Let us now find out some areas where there is a significant scope of electronics and communication engineers in the next few years. 

Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things or IoT is establishing a climate of unification in society. Today, IoT is being utilized globally for human concerns like smart city, security, horticulture, and home robotization. This has made a huge buzz among businesses. All the organizations are searching for skilled engineers who have reasonable involvement with IoT and can make the desired changes in their current systems.

Embedded Systems:

As the name proposes, Embedded systems are something that is attached to some other thing. It tends to be considered as hardware equipment having programming installed/appended into it. An embedded system can be a free framework, or it can even be an aspect of an enormous framework. An embedded system is a microcontroller or microchip-based framework which is intended to do a particular task.

Digital Image Processing:

Digital image processing manages the handling of advanced pictures with the help of dynamic algorithms. Today, face detection unlocks in cell phones utilize image processing algorithms to identify a picture and perform explicit tasks. This field has a lot of opportunities awaiting in the future. 

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, there are certain sectors, both private and public, in which there is a huge demand for Electronics and Communication Engineers. The major sectors are as follows:

IT Sector:

This is the sector where insights can be converted into coding. There is a huge scope for development in this area, as the potential that coding holds in shaping software is unlimited. Since Electronics and Communication Engineering also covers software engineering fundamentals, students are impeccably prepared to take up a promising profession in this field.

Large Scale Electronics:

A standout amongst other professions where Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates can grow easily is electronics itself. Most organizations out there today can profit by having a specialist on their side. Since the present gadgets are getting smarter, skillful experts are the need of great importance for smooth routes over the field. The best institutes for Electronics and Communication Engineering will prepare students with the ideal expertise to take off high and dominate in this segment!

Network Communications:

Everything is network-associated and dependent on cloud computing in this century. The establishment of this technology is the standard of digital communication. There’s so much undiscovered potential in this segment that there’s space for everybody to prosper in their profession. Regardless of whether it’s sign handling or remote innovation, students will discover the control that is an ideal fit for them.

Telecom Sector:

The field of media communications is a promising field regarding the openings for work that it brings to the table. Since everything is about cell phones and convenient networks nowadays, there’s plenty of job prospects here! Students could even proceed to work for global organizations in the future.

The above-mentioned areas are the major segments in which the aspiring Electronics and Communication Engineers can make their careers. This field has plenty to offer to fresh graduates and experienced individuals. Students can make up their careers in India as well as abroad as there is a relatively greater scope in developed countries. 

To make a career in Electronics and Communication Engineering field, aspirants can apply for a bachelor’s degree or even go for higher education, i.e., a master’s degree, to explore even better career opportunities.

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