Electronics and Communication Engineering: 6 major steps for a successful career

Top Engineering colleges in Rajasthan
Top Engineering colleges in Rajasthan

Electronics and Communication Engineering : The world has become smaller and contracted to a little place. Just a few decades ago, it was nearly impossible for one to communicate with someone halfway across the world in real-time, at an affordable price. But today, we can not only talk but video chat with someone halfway around the globe free of cost. We have to thank our engineers, especially electronics and communications engineers, for this priceless gift.

The leaps and bounds growth we see in technology and quality of life has vast contributions from electronics and communications engineering. Therefore, there is a huge demand for talent in this stream. Overall, engineering is expected to grow a strong 7% in the next decade. There’s definitely going to be a huge demand for engineering and electronics & communications engineers not just in India but all over the world, as it constitutes a sizable portion in engineering. 

Electronics and Communication have become an inseparable part of our life; from pocket radios, computers, mobile, televisions to satellites, and aircraft, everything involving Electronics and Communication is indispensable. 

Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the influential engineering streams responsible for the development of electronic devices like Television, Computers, Telephones, and various useful electronic gadgets. The engineers in this field have crafted some cutting-edge technology, made some fantastic electronic devices for the simplification and perfection of human efforts. 

The ECE engineers work for the transmission of information across channels like coax cable or optical fiber. They also design equipment such as routers, fiber optics, and electronics switching systems for the transmission channels.

Electronics and communication engineering is an ever-growing branch where highly skilled professionals get lucrative job opportunities. As the ECE branch has computer programming in its curriculum, the ECE engineers can work as programmers or software developers in the software industry. 

The program also helps to learn about the complete design and development in Electronic Devices, IC Design, Microprocessor Applications, Analog & Digital Circuits and Systems, Satellite and Mobile Communication, Fiber Optics Communication, System Software, and Embedded Systems.

Let us now get into a detailed study about how to get a successful career in the Electronics and Communication Engineering field.

  1. Get a degree: 

The first and foremost thing students need to do as a starting step to be a professional engineer is to get a degree in electronics and communication. Also, students must work hard to maintain a good academic record. Currently, B. Tech. Degree in the field of electronics and communication engineering is offered by almost every engineering college in India. Those students who are willing to pursue a career in research and development can also opt for a Master’s degree (M. Tech.) in a relevant electronics field. Students can even opt for further higher studies like PhD by enrolling them in the appropriate areas under experts’ guidance.

2. Get a professional certificate:

Once students have completed a B. Tech. or an M. Tech degree in Electronics and Communication, they can always enroll in any institutes offering professional certificate courses in electronics and communication areas. Suppose one wants to be a professional engineer in VLSI design or Embedded System design (the two most prominent electronic fields). In that case, some institutes offer short term or long term courses in these fields. Not only that, but students also get the advantage of being placed in any leading electronics company. If one wants to be a professional engineer in communications and networking, they can opt to get certification courses from CISCO like CCENT, CCNP, and CCNA, etc. 

3. Knowledge of electronics design tools:

  • Even if students have a degree in electronics and communication and even a professional certification, there is still a constraint in becoming a professional engineer in electronics and communication. The major constraint is having a piece of good practical knowledge about one or more electronics design tools.
  • If one wants to be a professional engineer in embedded system design or circuit designing, he needs to grip on simulation tools like Proteus, Multisim, or Pspice. If one wants to be a professional engineer in PCB designing, he needs to have a good working knowledge of design tools like CAD, ORCAD, and Eagle, etc. He also needs to have basic knowledge about PCB designing and mounting.
  • If one wants to be a professional engineer in VLSI or chip designing, he must have a working knowledge of tools like Xilinx, Magic, etc., and of course, must have good VLSI programming skills.
  • If one wants to be a professional engineer in control and instrumentation, then a working knowledge in the control and automation tools like lab view, PLCs can prove advantageous.

4. Efficient technical skills:

It is not only the knowledge of software tools that can help students become professional engineers, but also good technical skills. These skills include having immense practical knowledge in circuit mounting, soldering or PCB designing, good functional knowledge in the installation of networking products like routers, switches, etc., practical knowledge of working with home automation devices like PLCs, or a practical understanding of operating electronic equipment like Oscilloscopes, Wave Generators, Pulse Generators, etc.

5. Practical experience:

There are multiple ways to get an entry-level job, which can further prove advantageous to get a professional career. As a fresher, one can apply for the position of trainee or intern at any reputed company. If a student is GATE or NET qualified, he/she can always apply for the profile of research fellowships at any Government recognized research institutes. A fresher with sound theoretical knowledge about the technical subjects can also apply for the profile of a technical writer in the field of electronics and communication. Students must always remember that this might prove to be a great asset in increasing career exposure in the electronics and communication engineering field.

6. A 360-degree interview preparation:

If a student has passed all the above-defined prerequisites, the last thing he must do is prepare for a professional job interview.

  • The first and foremost thing students need to have is an attractive, precise, yet straightforward resume. A perfect resume should contain all the essential details like achievements, training details, experience, skills, and every other mandatory detail.
  • The next thing one must possess is a good communication skill and present in a confident yet modest manner.
  • One must always remember even if he has got all the above-defined prerequisites of having a degree, a professional certification, technical skills, experience, and still lack in communication; he can never achieve the goal of being a professional electronics and communication engineer. So, students must always sharpen up and prepare themselves in a 360-degree manner for the final interview.

So students, follow these major guidelines to prepare yourself for your dream job and successful career in the ever-growing field of electronics and communication engineering. The aspiring electronics and communication engineers need to start their learning process from a good university that enhances the knowledge and skillsets of the students.

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