Digital learning during the COVID-19 pandemic : Resources Available

COVID-19 digital learning
COVID-19 digital learning

The educational institutions have announced a closure of an in-person teaching methodology because of the health concerns related to COVID-19. The shift on virtual settings of teaching and learning have been emphasized worldwide.

As stated by UNESCO, these nationwide closures are impacting over 72% of the world’s student population. 

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COVID-19 crisis sheds light on bringing a change in the education model worldwide i.e. making a transition from the whiteboard teaching to the online virtual teaching. As quoted by James N. Bradley, Chief Information Officer at Texas’s Trinity University, ” As I watch what is going on across higher education, I can’t help but think that this is a transformation moment. We are changing how education is delivered as we respond to the pandemic and these changes will not just go away but everything will return back to normal. Every faculty member is going to deliver education online. Every student is going to receive education online. And the resistance to online education is going to go away as a practical matter.” 

Various resources as digital learning solutions, collaboration platforms, mobile applications are being developed and are made available to learners and teachers worldwide today. Some of these resources as categorized by UNESCO are:

Covid-19 digital learning

Figure 1: Various Digital learning resources available worldwide during COVID-19 crisis

SPSU has also shifted to the digital mode of teaching and learning. Amongst the various tools as shared by UNESCO- Microsoft Teams, Moodle, MOOCs, Skype, WhatsApp, Google classroom and many more are being adopted by SPSU as a part of its virtual teaching pedagogy. It has enabled the timely coverage of various courses via live online classes, online quiz-based evaluations and problem-solving sessions to the satisfaction of the teacher and the taught.

Hence, it is the need of the hour that various educational institutions adapt to virtual mode of teaching and learning so that when the world revives from this period of crisis the youth are all prepared to move forward in their careers with enthusiasm and a positive note of gratefulness for these resources which updated them for post COVID-19 career challenges.


Dr.Shweta Lalwani
Assistant Professor, School of Management, 
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

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