Digital Key Electronics has been recognized by Premier Companies


Leading manufacturers and suppliers in the field of electronic components and integrated solutions used to aim for high-growth and sustainable atmosphere in the gigantic field of computers, communications and telecommunications, automation and portable sectors. The acclaimed long-bonded conjugation and conglomeration are further evidence of Digital Key commitments with the well established electronic organizations with their full dedications to all supplier partners. Digital Key sector is an effective and experienced distribution channel which dedicates its resources by providing expertise to every single valued member organization.

Electronic companies in the field of Digital Key feel themselves very much proud to provide effective contributions for the past three decades. For a successful journey of  30 years, some electronic companies do the pivotal role as a distributor doing things so differently and effectively in the market and these companies expressed their gratitude for peoples’ trust on them for a span of 30 years. Companies like Bourns, Dallas Semiconductor, Microchip, Philips etc.  are looking forward to celebrate more milestones in the future with the specific teams.

These companies’ successful partnerships with their partners have certainly stood at the test of time where organizations have grown and prospered through effective conglomerations. The initial sales relationships, which began 30 years ago, have expanded into the global distribution network with high values today. As per the representative of Philips, they are thrilled to mark this significant milestone with Digital Key and look forward to their continued mutual success for a long period of time. One of the leading company, Bourns is a leading brand in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components and integrated solutions. In case of industry innovations, these companies target product development at high-growth rate in the fields, such as, computers, communications and telecommunications, automation and portable electronics. Digital Key provides full supports with the full portfolio offered by various chip inductors to automatic sensors.

Dr. Amrit Ghosh – Assistant Professor, Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

References:: https://distributor.electronicspecifier.com/digi-key-and-bourns-celebrate-30-years/ by Bourns 20th May 2021

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