Decide what is best for your career, MBA or Masters?

For many students, a very obvious choice after completing their graduation in a bachelor’s degree is pursuing a Masters degree in a related field or in management.

The most obvious advantage of pursuing a masters degree is that it enhances the career prospects of the candidate. A masters degree gives you comprehensive knowledge about the field, making you an expert.

A masters degree is essential in today’s world because there is a lot of competition in each and every sector. Having a masters degree gives you an edge over those who don’t have one. It shows that you have expertise in the field and thus makes you a desirable employee.

It is crucial that students choose the right post graduation degree. You have to be sure of this because it is a life-altering process of your life.

Here are a few things you should consider while choosing a postgraduate degree:

1. Take charge of your passion and motivation

Think of why you are aiming for an advanced degree. Do you want to advance your career or change it?

Are you aiming for a promotion and a salary hike?

Is this a personal goal you want to achieve?

2. Research

Once you know what motivates you to this degree, research for the best options.

Research about the degree and course you want to pursue and which course suits best to your needs and aspirations. Consider your career goals and research about the different programmes and courses offered by different colleges.

Find the best course that suits you and helps you achieve your goals.

3. Find a course that suits your lifestyle

When thinking about your career goals, make sure that they really fit within your lifestyle. Some courses can be as little as a year long, while some may take years to complete.

There are various courses that will help you complete the degree at the right pace and in the right format. While full-time degrees are not for everyone, there are part-time degrees that help many professionals complete their advanced education alongside their jobs.

While choosing a masters degree many students face a dilemma, to choose masters in a field related to their undergraduate course or a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). This is a very tough and crucial choice that students have to make as both of them lead to drastically different careers, and therefore they should make an informed decision.

Here are the key differences between a Masters degree and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA):


An MBA degree is a Masters in Business Administration. It deals with imparting students with the ideals of business management. It teaches students the managerial skills necessary for the management and supervision of multiple teams. There are various specialisations in MBA such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, etc.

A Masters degree, on the other hand, is a specialization or advancement in a particular. It further advances your career prospects in that field. It gives you an edge and helps you get a better job than your peers who have only an undergraduate degree.

2. Eligibility

To pursue an MBA degree the only eligibility requirement is that you have a bachelor’s degree in any field.

By contrast, to pursue a specialized Master’s degree you need to have an undergraduate degree in a related subject or trade.

For example, a student with a Bachelor’s in Technology can pursue an MBA degree but a student with a degree in Home science cannot pursue a Masters in, say, Technology.

If you want to pursue a career in the field of management and administration, an MBA is a right choice for you. An MBA imparts the students with the knowledge of business administration and management and managerial skills required to be in high ranking, management posts.

An MBA directs you to a stable career since MBA graduates are in demand. Businesses and corporations are expanding across the globe and they need management graduates to supervise and administer their organisations.

Thus, an MBA opens the gates to a well paying and stable career. But it is of utmost importance that students choose the right college to pursue an MBA.

Sir Padmpat Singhania University’s School of Management offers an MBA course at par with international standards. It is one of the best colleges in the country and offers a student-centric approach to learning.

The university also offers dual specialization in MBA. The programme offers an opportunity to pursue a dual specialisation in functional areas of management so as to increase the employability & entrepreneurship abilities of students.

Special emphasis is also given on international exposure, soft skills & personality development. Students pursuing this programme also get a chance to undergo an immersion programme at Chiba University of Commerce, Tokyo, Japan.

Thus SPSU is a clear choice for students who want to pursue an MBA from a top university and also gain international exposure while developing multiple skills.

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