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Career after 12th – The search for a good institution

With a plethora of courses, streams, entrance exams and career paths to choose from, the decision post 12th standard is very important and so the student is likely to get confused. But the right choice has to be made by the student that will lead to a rewarding career before it is too late, and a wrong choice would be catastrophic. A wide range of courses offered by many colleges and institutions have further complicated the decision-making process. Today, the students have far more options to choose from, and all of which look equally good and lucrative and so the student will have to exercise utmost caution in choosing the right college/institution which is capable of imparting the courses and meaning thereby that the institutes conform to the academic standards.

Students need to be absolutely sure about the course that they pick up and need to ensure themselves and their parents that the choice is in sync with his/her personal career interests. So broadly speaking, if you are a student, your decision will have to factor in the following major points while choosing the best course for you.

A few helpful tips:-

1. Interest and passion in the field

‘You decide your own career’ goes the saying. So you have to choose a path that takes you towards your goals and fulfilling your ambitions. There are lots of factors that influence decision making, one of them being the expectation of the parents who may try to accomplish achievements through the child which they themselves could not attain. Besides peer pressure, the social values of the job can also be one of the factors influencing the decision. Students must, therefore, take a decision depending solely on his interest and passion and of course future prospects.

2. Understanding of the course

Though there are many options in the Science stream after 12th, Engineering has been the center of focus for many students. If you are interested in software designing, electronics engineering, and software-hardware integration, then Computer Science will help you to expRlore the intricacies of software development and hardware engineering. Similarly, if you have a strong background in Mathematics and Science and are interested in automation, control systems, telecommunication, robotics, sensor systems, etc. you may go for Electronics and Communication engineering. Otherwise, you may choose the Mechanical engineering branch depending on how comfortable you are with the subject. Bio-technology is another trendy science field where you can study the genetic makeup of organisms, including plants, animals and humans, along with genetic defects that affect the man and its possible solutions.

The Commerce and Arts students can take up Management courses like BBA, B.Com depending on their eligibility and build a career as an investment banker with finance or a brand manager with marketing or human resource manager with human resource studies.

3. Shortlisting

So far so good, but now comes the test of one’s ability to take the right decision. How to choose the University/college when the entire education domain is involved in a stiff competition like in industries and in a mad race to stay firm in the competition attracting the students and promising the sky? Various social networking sites, educational events, Banners, posters, seminars become alive and active during admissions, luring the target audience. After having researched, the student will finally shortlist the probable ones but must bear in mind some of the following basic points that separate the good from the ordinary colleges /Universities:

A pollution-free clean and green Campus, playgrounds, state of the art labs, Workshop, Library, Hostels with good facilities, Wi-Fi facility, ATM, RO Water, Cafeteria, Gym, Medical facilities,  well lit and spacious classrooms, faculty, International collaborations, Industry relevant curriculum, Scholarships, Alumni, placements, ragging free environment, extracurricular activities, etc., to name a few. 

The location of the institute, the climate and historical aspects of the city are an added advantage which is also a very crucial factor. All the above basic points lead to the overall personality development of the student ready to face the challenges after graduating from the university and this is sheer because of quality education imparted.

4. Field Trip

The best way for a student to be convinced that the University/College is offering the basic educational environment and courses as per their website/ marketability is to visit the campus in person, preferably with the parents, for firsthand experience and save themselves from unverified facts. 

There are several online application portals, a number of search tools and free information and advice directed at students and various audiences in helping the students who wish to pursue higher education.

Career guidance:

For the benefit of the students seeking proper guidance, we at SPSU offer career guidance on an ongoing basis. Log on to our website Sir Padampat Singhania University for more information. If you are aspiring for a career in Engineering and Management you may be one of those visiting our campus like many of them who come from across the length and breadth of the country including the north-east sister states, down south to Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and have chosen to pursue their studies here.

Where can I study and why SPSU?

If you have decided on a career option in Engineering and Management, Sir Padampat Singhania University offers the best of quality education with a unique experience of a world-class infrastructure, state of art labs, study abroad exchange programs in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, excellent placement record, paid internships and industrial visits and many more attributes that go to make it one of the youngest top private Universities in the state of Rajasthan.  The University (UGC approved and approved by the state legislative assembly) is committed to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, and spreading creativity among the student fraternity.

Go through the SPSU website once again to get all the desired information and plan a field trip to our Campus in Udaipur, one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan called the “City of Lakes”. The contact details and e-mail addresses are available on our website.


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