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We are all familiar with the term ‘Biotechnology’. By definition, Biotechnology is the use of the biological elements in nature to make compounds which can make up a good quality of life for humans.

At Sir Padampat Singhania University, we are providing a wide range of Biotechnology Programs which enables our students to choose from all the multiple courses we provide.

Biotechnology Admission Open 2019

Extracting natural resources, man has managed to make optimum use of them for his/her own needs.

Biotechnology is based on the basic biological sciences like Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Embryology, Genetics, Microbiology, and contrarily provides methods to support and perform basic research in biology.

The use of biotechnology is being done in Medicine, Agriculture, Industries, Environment, and many other fields.


One of the most important uses of Biotech is to make medicines. With more emerging technology day by day, it has become easier to look out for new medicines.


Biotech plays a vital role in modern agriculture. The main aim to introduce biotech in agriculture is to create a new variety, that does not exist naturally. Eg: Molecularly designed large fruits and vegetables.


The use of Biotechnology in industries aims at providing products that are available in nature but can be made artificially. Eg: Chemicals, foods, paper, textiles, etc.


In advancing environment with Biotechnology, the point is to be helpful to the environment. The technology has its own pros and cons when it comes to the environment. The major turn was when Biotechnology came to be used to clean the environmental wastes.

Biotechnology Course at SPSU

Biotech being a rising field these days, the career options in it to are vast. Apart from the above listed few, the other various fields that are made available at SPSU are:

  • Drug and Pharmaceutical Research
  • Food and founded laboratories
  • Chemicals
  • Environment Control
  • Waste Management
  • Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Bio-processing Industries

Drug and Pharmaceutical Research

The main topic to deal with here is the generation of new medicines with the help of Biology. The technique of combining and utilizing the eminent amalgam of technology and biology to form chemicals, drugs, etc. is what this stream is about.

Food and founded laboratories

Chemical constituents of foods, their properties & functions; Characteristic features of natural & processed foods; Chemical/ Biochemical reactions in storage/handling of foods; Units operations in food processing – size reduction, evaporation, filtration etc.; Methods for food preservation; Rheology of food products; Flavour, aroma & other additives in processed foods; Case studies of a few specific food processing sectors, cereals, protein foods, meat, fish & poultry, vegetable & fruit, milk products; legislation, safety & quality control.


This course is designed to familiarize students with the application of chemical engineering principles for designing biochemical reactors, multiple reactors, growth & product kinetics in bioprocesses & rheological studies in the reactors. Concept of ideal reactors based on flow characteristics, design of ideal reactors using material & energy balance equations.

Environmental Control & Waste Management

This course is designed to provide basic knowledge of industrial waste treatment methods involving the application of microorganisms & biofuels. Environment control and Waste Management is a big challenge nowadays and a workforce who can take up this challenge and rule it out should be developed with prominence. The course stands out with a complementing curriculum and ensures that a student gets to learn through all the required aspects.


The fields that one can see after a B.Tech degree in Biotechnology are in abundance. Out of them, the ones that are desired the most are below.

R & D (Research & Development)

The souls who believe in break the shell approach hold a specially crafted career option; these folks can pave their career path into the field of Research & Development. After pursuing the degree, one can always opt to attempt for the R & D department of India. The urge to contribute towards technology demands invincible potential and wisdom, and the ones who own these qualities, surely have the chance to excel.


Knowledge is the prodigious source of power and what else could be more noble than teaching and sharing the knowledge, as a profession.If one is into teaching and doesn’t want to go for any further education, the option of getting a D.Ed or any teaching course is at standby.


Not everyone believes in supporting and executing someone else’s ideas and dreams, they believe more into nurturing their own. These aspirants are outlined and straightly fall into the category of Entrepreneurs. They believe in inventing, patenting and delivering the value.

Private Sector

If one is neither interested in a government based job, nor in business, the private sector is always looking for candidates with Biotechnology degrees. The pay scale that they offer is really handsome.


Summer Internships offer students personal and real-world spirits and exposure to actual working life, an experiential foundation to their career choices and the chance to build valuable business networks. Under this programme, each student undergoes training in an Industry for a minimum period of six weeks during the summer vacation after Semester VI.

Through the internship students are exposed to the various processes involved at any typical industrial unit such as operating procedure, construction processes, management procedures, etc. and have the opportunity to relate with the knowledge they acquired in the classroom.

Students execute a small project based on any of the above-mentioned aspects under the supervision of competent personnel in the industry and a faculty member of the university.

After completion of the Internship, students are required to prepare a report, based on the activities performed during the internship, as per the prescribed format/ guidelines. The report should be certified by the Supervisors, and presented in the form of a seminar in the VII Semester.

Evaluation of the Summer Internship will be done as per the approved procedure.

Placement Record


SPSU has collaborations with many renowned companies. Some of which belong to the private sector, some to the government, and some international.

The recruiters of the institution are companies like TECH MAHINDRA, TATA, NIIT, VODAFONE, WIPRO, etc.


The record of the placements is pretty much up to the mark in the last few years.

  • TCS – Research associate: Rs 327,524 Per Annum
  • TCS – Research scientist: Rs Rs 721,927 Per Annum
  • HCL: 277836 Per Annum
  • Bosch 30k-60k Per month

With the above-mentioned attractive figures, it is established that almost every year the institute gets the best of results.

The institution has international industrial collaborations with multinational brands like, Cisco Networking Academy, USA and Hitachi Rail Systems, Japan.

The academic collaborations include firms like, Chiba University of Commerce, Japan, Lincoln University, USA and many others.

The USPs of Biotechnology

After taking a look at the Biotech news and career hub Biospace 2016, one can see that the field is doing tremendous progress in each and every sector always bringing something new to the table.

Currently, India has the hold of 2% of the entire world’s biotech industry, which is assumed to escalate by the year 2025.

The major companies all around the world that are making it big all over are Biotech Bay Northern California, Biocapital Washington D.C., Bio NC North Carolina, etc.

With the growing population of the world, the need to produce more and more artificial substitutes for the now depleting natural resources is boosting. So what are you waiting for, grab a seat for yourself today with the renowned university Sir Padampat Singhania University to step into the field of Biotechnology. Register today!

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