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While writing the B. Com final year exams, multiple thoughts go through the mind of students. Many of these thoughts include plans regarding higher studies, or some prefer to step into the professional world depending on individual preferences.

In today’s highly competitive world, there are multiple courses available for B. Com students. But, choosing the best career path after B. Com is a significant challenge for students. It is because of the numerous career options available. 

Students can move ahead for higher studies or step into corporate life after completing a B. Com degree. It entirely depends on the career goals and interest areas, capabilities of that particular child.

Usually, students go for higher studies or opt for some short-term courses along with B. Com to get multiple advantages in the future. But, if a student does not wish to opt for higher studies or any of the short-term courses, then he/she can still have a great career ahead.

Corporates in the modern world hire individuals with in-demand skillsets and required knowledge for the job profile irrespective of their educational qualifications. 

Let us go through some of the most rewarding career options available for B. Com students. 

  • Banking Industry

Banking Industry is the top-most choice for commerce students in India. Banks are one of the highest employment providers in the financial services sector, and they hire fresh graduates with the required skillsets and competencies. 

Although working in banks requires some certification courses and experience, business schools in the modern day have overcome this challenge by providing internship and training opportunities to the students during their academic sessions. This helps to gain the knowledge and skills required to work in government as well as private sector banks.

  • Accounting Firms

Working at a large scale public accounting firm can be an excellent start for B. Com freshers. The accounting firms in India hire fresh graduates every year, and their training programs help students get more knowledge, enhance their skills, and gain excellent work experience.

Accounting firms offer various job roles to freshers depending on their capabilities and job requirements. This is because job roles in accounting firms need a lot of accuracy in accounting and taxation. This is why students with sound accounting and taxation skills easily get hired by these firms.

  • Corporate Firms

Corporate firms refer to operating companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, TCS, etc. Corporate careers can be an excellent training ground for freshers, as they can offer a wide range of work experience and provide an ideal work-life balance.

Corporate firms offer job roles in financial planning and analysis, investor relations, accounting, corporate development, etc. Such job roles are perfect for B. Com graduates to utilize their commerce and accounting skills efficiently. Corporate firms also provide internship opportunities to B. Com students while they are still studying and offer Pre-Placement Offers (PPO) if they find the candidate suitable for company growth.

  • Tax Advisory Services

After completing B. Com and acquiring advanced knowledge in direct and indirect taxes, B. Com freshers can start working with Tax Consultancy Firms, who will guide and advise the taxpayers to calculate and pay their statutory taxes and file various statutory returns on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually basis. 

This sector offers excellent opportunities for B.com graduates to provide more tailored tax services in society. The need for tax advisory consultants in India has increased after the implementation of GST.

  • Insurance Sector

The insurance sector is one of the most traditional financial service sectors that hire B. Com freshers for job profiles like Insurance Agents, Relationship Managers, Product Development Officers, and many more. 

The insurance companies train B. Com graduates to promote and sell their standard insurance products. This, in turn, provides dual benefits to both- the companies as well as the graduates. The salary package and perks in this sector are the highest ones in the industry.

  • Telecommunication Sector

Communication is the need of the hour for the current generation. Considering the competition among telecommunication companies, companies are focusing on providing more customized and cost-effective services to their customers. 

To provide effective customer support services, a good customer support team is essential for the companies. This is why the telecommunication sector hires fresh B. Com graduates, trains, and guides them. B. Com graduates are employed as Customer Support Officers, Team Leaders, Area Managers, Development Managers, and many more. Companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone are the most prominent players in this sector.

The sectors mentioned above employ B. Com graduates with efficient skills and required knowledge and competencies. Colleges must prepare students for the highly competitive corporate world through practical exposure and training, internship opportunities. Internship during the academic period is what makes a student industry-ready. 

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