B. Tech with specialization in Internet of Things- A New Revolution

Btech Specialization
Btech Specialization

Btech in Electronics & Communication Engineering is one of the largest and most sophisticated branches of engineering. Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the major engineering disciplines responsible for developing electronic devices like television, computers, telephones and many other useful gadgets. From healthcare to entertainment to automobiles, Electronics & Communication Engineers have crafted some unbelievable technology. They have made efforts in the innovation of such techniques which have eased human lives altogether. The present-day ECE engineers think that this branch of engineering has a long way to go.

The intersection of this branch with other engineering branches in the fields of satellite communication, mobile communication, power electronics and digital telecommunication has created a pool of opportunities for the ECE engineers. Their services are required vehemently in the manufacturing firms, MNCs, Research Industry, Government Offices, Army, Air Force, Navy and Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

A special mention about the Internet of Things (IoT) is equally essential while discussing Electronics & Communication Engineering. Let’s get into the details about the new trending topic of the engineering discipline. Internet of Things (IoT) relates to the physical and virtual objects connected to the internet to facilitate intelligent applications that make logistics, industrial control, retail, agriculture and many such fields way too ahead than the current technology. Internet of Things (IoT) is a new revolution of the internet that rapidly gathers momentum driven by the advancements in various fields like sensor networks, mobile devices, wireless communications, networking and cloud technologies. 

After reading the basic definition of the Internet of Things (IoT), let’s study the major fields being benefited by this newly evolved technology. The technology is benefiting almost every area, but the significant benefits or the major improvement after the introduction and development of IoT can be described under the following subheads.

  • Retail

The connection of millions of devices in real-time situations will make the collection of valuable data easier and provide real-time insights for the merchants. Key application areas of IoT in the retail industry include supply chain management, smart store applications and many more.

  • Healthcare

IoT can bring a considerable transformation in the process of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Embedding the medical equipment with the latest IoT devices will help monitor the patients more effectively, as well as the critical situations that can be diagnosed and treated well. Personal fitness trackers and wellness trackers have already gained high popularity in this segment. Remote monitoring of the patients will also become more efficient with the use of IoT.


IoT connected smart cars are already in the market. Driverless cars and other automobiles are going to rule the future. Already many big companies are pouring money into this IOT connected smart cars and developed them. Soon we might see them on our roads. A study by BI expects that there will be around 94 million connected cars by 2021.

For a massive transformation in the world of technology would require brilliant minds and young engineers with smart thinking and developing capabilities. For a brilliant engineer, requires a good institute to groom their skills and make them perfectly capable of facing the challenges of real time situations.

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