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Artificial Intelligence- The Next Generation of Enhancement

Btech In Artificial Intelligence
Btech In Artificial Intelligence

So what actually AI is? Ever thought it is rocket science and didn’t give a try even to understand the basics?

Let’s make it easier for you. Consider AI as your friend in a robotic get-up.

Artificial Intelligence/ AI refers to the duplication of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and to perform activities just like them. AI can be easily applied to any device which follows traits humanly.

Artificial intelligence is based on a simple rule that human intelligence can be defined in a way that machines can easily mimic it and execute tasks right from the simplest tasks to the most complex ones. Its goals include learning, reasoning, and perception.


Applications of AI are endless. It can be used in various sectors and has not limited its boundaries. It has spread its wings from the healthcare domain to the games to the automated cars. It has an enormous scope both in applications and in terms of revenue.


The significant categories which AI is divided into are Strong AI and Weak AI.

  • Strong AI: Strong Artificial Intelligence is used in complicated and more extensive domains. A strong AI will use the expertise of humankind to perform tasks like operating an automated vehicle or operating a hospital system. 
  • Weak AI: Weak Artificial Intelligence is used in comparatively more natural systems. It is used in functions that are performing a specific job or assigned only a limited amount of similar tasks. A Weak AI is used in video games or any activity which is not too complicated like Alexa and Siri. 
Btech In Artificial Intelligence

Now that we have understood the basics of AI let’s know the benefits of AI and how AI is going to be the next big thing of the decade? 

  • Reduction of Errors- Here, we are using errors in the context of human-made mistakes. Humans are more prone to make errors than any other beings. With the introduction of AI, the decisions are taken from the prescribed information by applying a specific set of algorithms. Hence, the errors are minimized, and the accuracy is maximized.
  • Always Available- AI can work non-stop. It does not need a break from its working/ activities. It works 24*7 without taking any leaves. So it is very beneficial for organizations to use AI systems as it can continue with the operations in case of absence of the staff members. 
  • Performs Monotonous Jobs- AI does not get bored with monotonous jobs, unlike humans. It can complete any repetitive task without getting tired of it or being lethargic about the same. It just performs its duties efficiently and very smartly. 
  • Digital Assistance- AI is the best assistant to humans in the digital domain. AI assists humans in maintaining digital and technology-related duties. It performs all the technical tasks in a very efficient and effective manner, very smoothly. 
  • Criminal Justice System- As surprising as it sounds, AI can be used in the criminal justice system to eliminate bias and work more precisely. AI Algorithms can help the officials check someone’s criminal background or any public documents online. The waiting time will be shorter, which will minimize the strain on police officers and court officials. 

To conclude, Artificial Intelligence is turning out to be the next significant demand of the decade. It has started to establish itself, and it would not take much time to take over the world. It has benefits, applications, and smartness that has the potential to climb the heights of efficiency and effectiveness of smart work. It will take over the future in terms of technology, smart work, and energy to benefit the users and make this world a smarter place to live in, quite literally. 

Btech In Artificial Intelligence

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