Applications of IoT in Manufacturing

From the manual manufacturing processes of yesterday, the industry today (Fig. 1) has made a shift towards the Digital Manufacturing. In Digital Manufacturing all manufacturing processes can be simulated on the computers in order to find out the most efficient processes for the companies. Everything associated with manufacturing process e.g. Assembly lines, human ergonomic simulation, Robotic Simulation, plant layout, etc. could be designed, developed, implemented and monitored virtually in the 3D environment. This helps the companies to reduce production lead time and production costs and thereby improve their production efficiency. In order to survive in the era of huge competition, all the companies are adopting digital manufacturing.

Manufacturing transformation

Fig.1. Manufacturing transformation

Manufacturing processes and machines are automated in such a way that they can administer themselves; smart machines that can avert damage by taking preventive action or smart factories where requirements get fulfilled automatically. Doesn’t it sound incredible? Well, this is where modern technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) is moving towards. Establishing an IoT system of connected machines will lay the foundation for achieving greater efficiency and information sharing.

Internet of Things (IoT) can make the manufacturing sector smarter and effective. Such technologies can potentially and radically enhance visibility of the manufacturing process such that every unit of production can be monitored at each step.

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