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management courses
management courses

Management is both an art and a science.”

In today’s hyper competitive market only those will find a desired place in the business arena who will master this science artistically. There are many B-schools which are trying to impart management education but we at Sir Padampat Singhania University have a way of doing things differently.

It is no secret that Management principles are applicable in Every Walk of life. They are universal. We at the School of Management are no exception to this belief. We understand that a management course in the present time needs to be a perfect blend of academic as well as co curricular flavour for the overall development of the student.

Thus the team of School of Management in its pursuit of excellence in education approaches this end with a wide range of activities including case based learning, internships, live projects, social experimentation, research etc to make the students well acquainted with the real-time happenings of the corporate world.

We not only emphasize on standard business skills like accounting, marketing, finance, etc but also emphasize on key skills like critical thinking, developing strategic acumen, analytical progress, thereby the learners capability to envisage the broad framework of dynamic business environment.

To provide a synergistic effect on the 360 degree development of the students, various co-curricular activities including sports, cultural, literary, etc along with a strong academic curriculum is imported to the future leaders. The university has several clubs where students can associate and explore their interests and hobbies.

Young managers are prepared not just to lead an organisation but we also motivate them to explore their entrepreneurial streak and go ahead and set up their own business. We guide them to understand the usefulness of managerial resources and to learn the need of developing effective strategies to carry out business operations.

A regular exposure to the corporate world through regular project works, industry visits, interaction with industry stalwarts, research and internships is an inbuilt part of the curriculum at the School of Management.

To give experience to the students to smoothen their progress towards a specific career goal of their choice, regular skills enhancement, personality development programs, speech improvement and other similar vocational courses are also conducted to infuse and sharpen the skills required for their dream job.

It is due to the School’s unique style of Curriculum teaching that certainly gives the degree holder an edge for the managerial position. We at the school of Management passionately groom future leaders to inculcate in them professionalism along with ethics and values.

The School of Management not only hones the students’ abilities and aptitude but also transforms them into a complete package of personality, character and performance.

Dr Disha Mathur
Assistant Professor, Marketing

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