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5 Most Beneficial MBA Programs

mba college in rajasthan
mba college in rajasthan

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a highly recognized degree for developing one’s business and management skills. An MBA degree can help you shape your career by refining all the relevant skills required for growing fast in this competitive world. Whether you decide to pursue an MBA right after graduation or after gaining a few years of experience in the field, it’s beneficial for your long term growth in many ways.

In recent years with the growing demand of MBA graduates and with the continually developing corporate scenario, various streams of MBA have emerged. Each of these streams targets individuals with specific skill sets and interests and have their own advantages. So before starting, it is essential to decide which of the different streams you would like to go forward with.

Here are 5 streams in MBA which can help shape your career growth in the direction you wish to choose.

  • MBA in Human Resource
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Information Technology
  • MBA in Operations Research

Let’s discuss a bit about each of them.

#1 – MBA in Human Resource (HR)

The responsibilities of a Human Resource Department include hiring and maintaining the right kind of employees in an organization for the overall progress of an organization. After all, employees are the biggest asset of any organization. The company must always possess employees with appropriate skills and the right attitude. So, there is a growing demand for skilled HR professionals in every company these days. Individuals who are looking for such responsibilities may opt for an MBA in Human Resource Management. It is accessible to individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in any stream.

#2 – MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is a lucrative option for individuals who are interested in dealing with money. As the name suggests, an MBA in Finance will teach you the necessary skills to build a career in financial planning, banking, corporate finance, and accounting, etc. Individuals who have strong skills in mathematics and economics will find this field very rewarding as this stream will require you to deal with numbers and economic trends extensively.

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#3 – MBA in Marketing

An MBA in Marketing is one of the most desired courses in the current corporate landscape. Because with the right product, it also takes good marketing for an organization to build its presence in the market. MBA in Marketing helps you learn skills relevant to sales, marketing, leadership and management, and market research, soft skills, etc. With the inception of the internet age, marketing has taken different forms in terms of online and offline marketing and organizations have their in-house marketing specialists for bringing customers to the company. An MBA Marketing graduate can also move on to other managerial and entrepreneurial roles in the company.

#4 – MBA in Information Technology

It is an emerging stream in MBA which includes business management as well as the incorporation of technology in the business. With the penetration of technology in all the routine activities, it has become essential to know how to integrate it with the modern market. MBA in Information Technology helps an individual develop the necessary skills for executive leadership as well as understand the concepts of online businesses and e-commerce etc.

#5 – MBA in Operations Research

MBA in Operations Research focuses on developing an individual’s skills to analyze and propose better methods for businesses to achieve their targets. This stream of MBA requires high analytical and quantitative skills. MBA in Operations Research also helps you learn how to apply statistics and technical expertise to solve day to day problems and efficiently operate businesses by optimizing procedures.

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