5 Mistakes to avoid during admission season

As students prepare for various exams, their schedule becomes more hectic by the day. An added stress is keeping track of the admission process and website alerts. Students and their parents are sometimes unaware of the process, and end up making mistakes. These mistakes, if left unchecked, might cause some serious problems later.

Here are the top 5 mistakes students make during the admission season:

1. Not keeping original documents ready

Documents like Standard 10th mark sheet, Standard 12th mark sheet, Domicile, Identity Proofs, Admit Cards, etc. are of vital importance. It is essential that the original documents are kept safe, as they are required by many, if not all admission processes.

Once lost or damaged, students have to go through many difficulties to get a new copy of the document. This process usually involves bureaucracy and is time-consuming.

2. Not keeping track of institute website and admission alerts

Updates and alerts are issued on websites of institutes and other entrance exams. Such updates about admit card releases, change in test centres, change in examination dates or other important information.

Candidates forget to keep track of these websites for alerts and miss out on important information. This may result in missing the exam.

3. Not preparing for the entrance exams

Entrance exams are set specifically to screen a large number of candidates and select the top scoring ones. Hence, students have to prepare extensively for these exams.

As many students appear for such examinations, the competition is tough. Students have to dedicate their time for the preparation to excel.

For many streams like BBA and Engineering, entrance exams are touted to be tough. Students might be unaware of the tricks, tacts, and strategies required to prepare for the exams.

What they can do is to talk to students who are currently pursuing the course and understand the nitty-gritty of the exam. Candidates should also solve previous years’ question papers to understand the paper pattern and time management.

4. Not filling the admission form accurately

Students should keep in mind that admission forms have to be filled very carefully. All the information being filled has to be accurate and true.

One should not lie on the admission form at all. If there are any confusions or queries, candidates should get them cleared at the earliest from relevant authorities.

If there are any discrepancies in the admission form, the institute may take a decision to nullify the form and reject admission to the candidate.

5. Not keeping a digital photo and signature copy ready

Online Admission forms and Registration forms require a copy of the candidate’s photograph and a digital copy of the candidate’s signature.

These two pictures have to be clear and high quality. Once taken, they can be used multiple times.

Candidates should keep these pictures ready. Once saved, there is no need to worry about them and that is one thing checked off from candidates worries.

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